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HI 411: The Protestant and Catholic Reformation of the 16th Century

Course Instructor: Keith Luria
Librarian: Cindy Levine

Reference Books

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation
This 4 volume encyclopedia "seeks to do justice to the whole range of events and happenings of the sixteenth centruy. It uses the broadest possible definition of the Reformation in order to depict not only religious life but also the related societal phenomena that in one way or another had bearing on religion." --preface.
D.H HILL REF. BR302.8 .O93 1996 (Learning Commons)

The New Cambridge Modern History Atlas
Written to accompany the New Cambridge Modern History, but is a useful reference tool on its own. Find the geographical area of interest in the table of contents, and the maps are arranged chronologically within each section.
D.H. HILL REF. D208 .N4 v. 14 (Learning Commons)

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