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FLS 492: Seminar in Hispanic Studies (Conquest of Mexico)

Finding Books

NCSU Libraries Catalog
Search the NCSU Libraries catalog for books on specific subjects. To find materials, try the following approach (with example):

1) Search by Title Keyword (use the name of the individual author you are studying, a simple phrase, or one or more key terms.

2) Select a book that looks like it's on target.

3) Examine the subject headings assigned to that book. If you see one that looks good, click on it to explore for other similar books on the topic.

For example:
1) Search by Title Keyword: Mexican conquest

2) Select:
History of the conquest of Mexico, with a preliminary view of the ancient Mexican civilization, and the life of the conqueror, Hernando Corte´s. By William H. Prescott.

3) Examine subject headings to see if you want to explore one of them further:

Mexico--History--Conquest, 1519-1540.

Other L.C. Subject Headings to consider searching:

Mexico--History--Spanish colony, 1540-1810.

Mexico--Civilization--Spanish influences.



Cortes, Hernan, 1485-1547.

Montezuma II, Emperor of Mexico, ca. 1480-1520.

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