Textbook Chapter Scanning

As part of the Libraries Coronavirus Response, extended textbook services are available for the NC State University community.

Textbook chapter scanning

You can search by course to view online textbooks. If your textbook isn't already available online, you can request a scanned copy of a textbook chapter or section for your class from the NC State University Libraries. You will receive an email when the PDF is available, usually within 24 hours.

Request a textbook chapter PDF

Requests will be processed in the order they are received. You can submit multiple requests over the course of the semester. The NC State University Libraries is able to make limited sections of your textbooks available; we are not able to scan the entire textbook.

If you have further questions, please Ask Us.

About this service

As part of North Carolina State University's effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Libraries are fulfilling scanning requests that exceed what might be reasonable under normal circumstances. As explained in the Public Statement of Library Copyright Specialists: Fair Use & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research, fair use can permit more extensive scanning as part of a legitimate response to a public health emergency such as this one.

Note, however, that we must still ensure that our scanning is reasonable in relation to these extraordinary circumstances. Please only request materials where an electronic copy is not available from the Libraries (and note that the Libraries may be able to purchase electronic access if not currently available). Please also limit your request to the portions of a given work that are needed for full participation in the course for the duration of the students’ dislocation. Scans made during this time may include a special cover page with important information for students about how to use and dispose of the scan; please include the cover page when you share the scan with students. Please only distribute these scans to students using your course site on Moodle to ensure that access is limited to those enrolled in the course.

Finally, note that some textbook publishers and other academic vendors are making resources freely available to institutions affected by COVID-19 closures. See information about vendors that are making these offers; this information may also be found on the vendors’ websites or social media. Please do not request scans of material that is being made freely available by a vendor unless there is a compelling reason (e.g., the free version lacks important content, or requires students to acquiesce to problematic terms of use).