Wrap Error Help

"A Wrap Error Has Occured"

WRAP errors involve your Unity ID and/or password. WRAP is meant to be used by NCSU students, faculty and staff only. If you do not have a Unity ID, go back to the "Login Required" page and choose "NCSU Library Patron" from the pull-down menu. Then try logging on using your Library Borrower ID.

If you do have a Unity ID and get this error screen, look at the error message just above the "Try Again" button. This will give you an idea of the problem. Below are the 3 most common messages and what they mean.

Error message - Wrap Error has occured
  • Invalid User ID - This means you typed in a Unity User ID that does not exist. Try again. Do you have a Unity ID? Remember, Unity IDs are for NCSU students, faculty and staff only.

    Check the Campus IT page on Unity IDs for more information.
  • User ID is longer than 8 characters - Unity IDs only have 8 characters. Try typing it in again. See the above information concerning Invalid User ID.
  • Invalid Password - This means you entered a legitimate Unity User ID, but the password is wrong. Try again. Have you changed your password recently? Unity passwords can take several hours to update once changed. Try using your old one.

    Check the Campus IT page on Unity Passwords for more information.
PLEASE NOTE: Browser Cookies must be enabled for WRAP to work. Firewalls can also hinder your ability to get through WRAP.

Need help? Contact the University's IDT Help Desk.
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