Collections and Journals Review 2009

Collections and Journals Review Process

List of Titles Proposed for Cancellation
The Collection Management Department has compiled a list of proposed titles for cancellation. In addition to titles, publishers and cost, the list also includes journal impact factor, electronic usage downloads, and the numbers of NCSU citations to and publications in each title over the past 5 years. Go to Factors to Consider to learn more details about these data points.

Note that this is a set of potential journal cancellations; the list likely contains more titles than we will need to cancel.

Distribution of the Proposed Cancellation List - February 17
Departmental Library Representatives and Department Heads will be notified when the list is available and they should disseminate the information on how to access the list to their colleagues. The NCSU community is encouraged to provide feedback to the Libraries about which titles should be kept.

Feedback and Ranking of Titles - To be completed by March 10
The list of potential journal cancellations is presented for review and ranking as an online webform.

The list contains 1,123 titles from all subject areas. You should only review and rank the titles of relevance to your disciplines and areas of interest; it is not necessary for you to rank every title in the list. Sorting features are included in the webform (and in the downloadable spreadsheet) to enable you to focus your review on your areas of interest.

We are using a three-tiered ranking system: 1 = Must keep; 2 = Keep if possible; 3 = Can cancel. Select the appropriate rank for each title in your areas of interest. If you choose to use the downloadable .csv file, you will need to insert this rank in the "My Rank" column. There is no need to select a ranking for titles that are not relevant to your areas of interest.

To use the online webform you will need to log in using your Unity ID and password. Your email address will be pre-populated; please add your full name, college affiliation and status (e.g., Faculty, Graduate Student, Staff, Undergraduate). You may add comments in the "Comments" box to add any other relevant information to your ranking decisions. Be sure to click the "Update My Info" button to update your info and comments.

When you log in for the first time, you will see the full list of titles proposed for cancellation. You may sort by any of the fields using the green and red arrows. This is a long list, so sorting may take a few moments. You may also filter by subject to only display titles in specific areas. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of research, it is advised that you review related subject areas or search by title keywords.

At any point you may select a ranking from the pull-down options; those selections are automatically saved and added to your "My Rankings" list. If you change a ranking, it will be automatically updated in your "My Rankings" list. Once you are finished making your review and rankings, you can "Logout" and your selections will be saved. During the comment period you can come back and update your selections or add more rankings at any time. At the end of the comment period, these rankings will be sent to the NCSU Libraries Collection Management Department.

If you prefer to use the downloadable .csv (comma-separated) file, once you have completed your rankings, please send the file/spreadsheet to one of the contacts listed on the Collections Review 2009 site. To open the .csv file in Excel, follow these steps: Download the .csv file and note where you save the file. With Excel open, create a new workbook (File --> New --> Blank Workbook). Click Data --> Import External Data --> Import Data. In the "Select Data Source" window, find the .csv file, select it, and click "Open". In the "Text Import Wizard select "Delimited" and click "Next". In the "Text Import Wizard, check the box next to "Comma" and click "Next". In the next window, click "Finish."

At any time during the review process feel free to contact the Libraries with questions. Librarians will also be happy to visit departments to talk further about the process and answer your questions.

Final Cancellation List - Early May
The Collection Management Department will compile the feedback received and share results with the campus community. A final list of cancellations will be distributed for comments in April. The final list of cancellations will be posted by Libraries and University Library Committee in early May.

Execution of Cancellations - August 1
By August 1, the Libraries will have a final list of titles and will submit these to our serials agents for cancellation.

If you have questions, please contact us and check out our FAQs.