Collections & Research Strategy Projects

Collections & Research Strategy collaborates on numerous projects to assess and promote the collections of the NCSU Libraries, ranging from serials and database reviews for cancellation purposes to assessment of the composition, use and access of the collections across formats. The projects highlighted represent selected projects led by our department, but all reflect the collaborative nature of our work and would not be possible without the valuable input of colleagues, teams, and committees throughout the NCSU Libraries.

NCSU Libraries Value Statement for the Scholarly eBook Marketplace

As scholarly monographs shift from primarily print to electronic, the NCSU Libraries seeks to engage both the publishing and library communities in shaping the future of the scholarly ebook marketplace. We believe the values linked above can form the core of a mutually beneficial market for publishers and libraries that best serves the researchers and students at the heart of the scholarly communication cycle.

Collections Review

The Collections Review project brought together staff from the Collections & Research Strategy Department and Digital Library Initiatives to engage the NCSU campus community in the decisions necessary to achieve a substantial cut to the journal and database collection.

Collection Views

The aim of Collection Views is to use data to help us understand how our expenditures on resources relates to subjects of relevance to different departments and colleges at NC State. To do this we mapped departments and colleges to subject codes associated with collections purchases. This enables us to view our expenditures on resources in terms of college and department demographics, such as faculty head counts, number of PhD's awarded, as well as undergraduate and graduate enrollment. This is another tool to help us understand and assess our collecting priorities.

Monographic Use Study

The Monographic Use Study is an analysis of 10 years of use of the monograph collection at the NCSU Libraries.

Print Item Usage Analysis

This project analyzes a twelve year series of print items in the NCSU Libraries collection to determine the proportion of items used by years in the collection and examines the correlation between an item's years in the collection and its circulation status.

Backfiles Value Study

The Backfiles Value Study uses a calculated non-traditional Return on Investment (ROI) metric to demonstrate the impact of online journal archives purchased by NCSU Libraries. It evaluates the impact not only in terms of usage, but also in terms of fiscal effectiveness.

Textbook Program

The NCSU Libraries Textbook program at the NCSU Libraries is designed to reduce the burden of rising textbook costs on our student population, by purchasing and placing on reserve at least one copy of every required textbook at NC State. NC State students, faculty, and staff may search for Textbooks on reserve. The program complements our other textbook efforts, such as the Alt-Textbook Project.

Trends in Ebook Usage from 2008 to 2012 

This overview of our annual ebook studies presents trends found in usage for a five year period, 2008 through 2012, or portions thereof.