Collections and Journals Review Process

List of Titles Proposed for Cancellation

The Collection Management Department (now Collections & Research Strategy) compiled an initial list of proposed titles for cancellation. In addition to titles, publishers and cost, the data also included journal impact factor, electronic usage downloads, and the numbers of NCSU citations to and publications in each title over the past 5 years. Go to Factors to Consider to learn more details about these data points.

Note that this initial list was a set of potential journal cancellations; the list likely contains more titles than we will need to cancel.

Distribution of the Proposed Cancellation List - February 24, 2014

Departmental Library Representatives and Department Heads were notified via email when the list was made available and were invited to disseminate the information  to their colleagues. The NCSU community has been encouraged to provide feedback to the Libraries about which titles should be kept.

Feedback and Ranking of Titles - To be completed by March 21, 2014 (this feedback period is closed)

The list of potential journal cancellations was presented for review and ranking as an online webform or as a downloadable .csv (comma-separated) file.

The initial list contained approximately 900 titles from all subject areas. Please only review and rank the titles of relevance to your disciplines and areas of interest; it is not necessary to rank every title in the list. Sorting features were included in the webform (and in the downloadable .csv file) to enable you to focus your review on your areas of interest.

We provided a three-tiered ranking system based on the importance to your research and teaching:1 - Top Priority, 2 - Medium Priority, 3 - Low Priority. Select the appropriate rank for each title in your areas of interest. There is no need to select a ranking for titles that are not relevant to your areas of interest.

At any time during the review process feel free to contact the Libraries with questions. Librarians will also be happy to visit departments to talk further about the process and answer your questions.

Results of Campus Feedback List - April 15, 2014

The Collection Management Department compiled the feedback received and shared results with the campus community. A revised list of cancellations will be distributed for comment in mid-April; this list will include both journals and databases. The proposed list of database cancellations will first undergo thorough review by subject specialists librarians. This comment period will end on May 7, 2014.

Final List of Cancellations  - May 12-16, 2014

The final list of cancellations will be posted by the Libraries and University Library Committee in late May.

Execution of Cancellations - July-August, 2014

By August 1, the Libraries will have a final list of titles and will submit these to our serials agents for cancellation.


If you have questions, please contact us and check out our FAQs.