Collections and Journals Cancellation Review 2014

In consultation with the University Library Committee and the Departmental Library Representatives, the NCSU Libraries is preparing for FY 2014/2015 cuts to the collections budget of approximately $750,000 – about 7.5% of the 2013/2014 allocation. Projected budget reductions from the university, combined with expected inflation for journals and databases of $550,000 (at a 7% annual inflation rate), necessitate preparations for steep reductions to the collection.

A comprehensive review process that included input from faculty, staff, and students has identified 628 journals for cancellation (effective as of January 2015) and 34 databases (termination varies depending on renewal date). Current paid subscriptions to these resources will be cancelled pending final budget confirmation; this list includes some journals and databases where cancellation is dependent on publisher negotiations.

Further cuts to the Libraries budget may result in the cancellation of additional databases and all 914 journals included in the review, including the 263 journals saved from cancellation based on campus input and overall usage.

While the review process has gathered as much data as possible to try to minimize the relative impact of collections cuts, reductions of this magnitude will result in the cancellation of important journals and databases that will have a lasting impact on the ability of the Libraries to meet the research and teaching needs of the university.
An FAQ is available that addresses a number of potential questions about the collections review including the Libraries’ commitment to document delivery for canceled titles, moving journal titles to electronic only to realize savings on subscriptions, and the timeline for the overall process.

If you have strong concerns about journals and databases included in this list, please contact us. Please see the 2014 Collections Review website for more information.