Services for Centennial Campus Partners

About Centennial Campus

Centennial Campus is an innovative research park located at North Carolina State University and designed to facilitate collaboration between researchers, entrepreneurs, and industrial and governmental partners. Among other privileges, employees of Centennial Campus partner organizations ("partners") have access to the NCSU Libraries.

Library Resources and Services

Partners have access to the NCSU Libraries' resources and services, both physically and electronically. They may borrow books and other materials from the library collections and use our electronic resources both in the library and at their desktops. Please see our website for borrowing guidelines.

Not all of our electronic resources are available to partners remotely, in accordance with the licenses governing each resource. These resources are available on library computers at the D. H. Hill Library, the James B. Hunt Jr. Library, or one of our three branches, the Design, Natural Resources, and Veterinary Medicine libraries. Library materials may also be requested through the Tripsaver document delivery service.

Partners are welcome to visit any of our library locations whenever they are open. Room reservations at the Hunt Library (e.g., for group study rooms) are not widely available to partners because of the high demand from NC State faculty and students, but partners may contact the Centennial Campus Partnership Office to request occasional meeting space at the Hunt Library, which is based on availability. Please contact Ask Us with any questions about library resources or services. Subject Specialist Research Librarians are also available to offer discipline-based support.

Borrowing Card and Library Account

To access NCSU Libraries resources and services, partners must first obtain a Wolfpack One Card from the university. In addition to its other uses, the Wolfpack One Card serves as the partner's library borrowing card and enables the creation of a library account.

Next, partners must register with the NCSU Libraries. To do so, visit either the Hunt or D. H. Hill Library in person, or send an e-mail from the Centennial Campus partner organization's email account to Information required includes the name, the nine-digit number on the partner's Wolfpack One Card (the number beside the picture, not the number at bottom left — it should start with "811" or "100"), the work e-mail address, telephone number, mailing address, and the name of the Centennial Campus-based organization. This registration needs to be updated annually by the partner via the email-based process described above.

If the partner would like to have materials delivered from other library locations to the Hunt Library on Centennial Campus, they may set that preference when they log into the Tripsaver document delivery service for the first time.

Remote Use of Electronic Resources

Registered borrowers may use NCSU Libraries resources online via the Libraries' website. To access a library resource, the user is prompted to log in via the university's Shibboleth service with their credentials. For the purposes of this login, your Home Organization is "NC State Library Patron," your Borrower ID is the nine-digit number on your Wolfpack One Card (the number beside your picture, not the number at bottom left — it should start with "811" or "100"), and your PIN is the last four digits of that same number. If your library account was created prior to 2004, your PIN will be the last four digits of your Social Security Number.