CDSC Data Management

Data Management

As of January 18, 2011, all researchers submitting proposals for National Science Foundation grants are required to submit data management plans (no more than 2 pages) with their proposals.

A data management plan is a formal document that outlines what you will do with your data during and after you complete your research. It describes the data that will be created, the standards used to describe the data (metadata), who owns the data, who can access the data, how long the data will be preserved (and/or made accessible), and what facilities and equipment will be necessary to disseminate, share, and/or preserve the data.

The NCSU Libraries, the Office of Information Technology and the Office of Research & Innovation's Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance have compiled a guide on writing data management plans.

Digital Repository

Along with hosting faculty and graduate student scholarship, the Scholarly Publications Repository (SPR) hosts digital projects and data sets. Once added to the SPR your data set will be assigned a permanent, citable Unique Resource Identifier(URI). This URI can be used to make your data available to fulfill the data access requirements imposed by funding sources such as the NSF or the NIH.

You can find guidelines for submitting your data on the SPR page.