Copyright Policies at North Carolina State


Decisions about copyright and scholarship at NCSU are controlled by a variety of institutional policies. This page collects the major policies for easy reference.

Copyright Policies

University of North Carolina System Copyright Policy - Copyright policy for the UNC system as a whole.

North Carolina State University's Copyright Policy - The general copyright policy for the University.

Copyright Infringement Policy Statement - NCSU's policy on avoiding copyright infringement.

Copyright Policies for Reserves - The copyright policy for including works in the Reserves system.

Copyright Guidelines for Electronic Reserves - The copyright policy for including works in the electronic reserves system.

Policies for Content Creators

Patent Procedures - NCSU's policy on patenting works create at the institution.

FERPA Compliance - NCSU's policy on privacy limitations mandated by the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act.

SPR Copyright Policy - The Scholarly Publications Repository's policy on copyright for items added to the Repository.

Policies for Using Content from NCSU

Using NCSU Branding - NCSU's policy on use of the university's names, marks, symbols, images, and copyrights

Campus Institutions That Support Scholarship

The Office of Technology Transfer works to protect and promote the discoveries of NCSU researchers.

The Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center works to maximize the dissemination and impact of the university's scholarship and knowledge resources.

The Trademark and Licensing Office protects and promotes the trademarks and symbols of NCSU.

The Office of General Counsel provides legal support for institutional and administrative decision makers.