Frequently Asked Questions on Library Overdue and Renewal Rules

Q: Does the Libraries charge overdue fines?
A: Daily fines are not charged for most books. However, borrowers are billed for materials that are not renewed or returned on time. Short-term loan items such as textbooks, reserves and tech lendingĀ all have hourly or daily overdue fines.

Q: What happens when materials are overdue?
A: A courtesy notice is sent when an item is one day overdue. At ten days overdue, a bill is sent for the replacement cost of the book ($100 default price plus a standard processing cost of $25 per book). At the time of payment, if the book is not found and returned, the $100 default price is updated to the actual replacement cost. The cost-recovery processing charge of $25 remains.

Q: Why is billing necessary?
A: The Libraries has stewardship responsibility for large collections of state- and university-owned property. This property must be managed so that it is available for shared use by a large and diverse university constituency. These rules are designed to serve as an incentive for borrowers to return library materials in a timely manner, after a reasonable loan period, so that materials are properly accounted for and can be made available for other borrowers. Failure to return borrowed, state-owned materials must result in financial accountability for their replacement costs.

Q: What if I keep the book more than 60 days overdue?
A: If you are an NC State University student, the lost book charges (i.e., replacement cost plus a $25 processing cost, or $125 per book) will be transferred to your account with the Cashier's Office. You will then be expected to pay these charges along with your other university charges. In addition, your borrowing privileges will be suspended and you will not be able to check out or renew additional books. If you are a faculty or staff member, the charges will be transferred to University Accounting and your borrowing privileges will be suspended until they are paid.

Q: What if I return the book after 60 days?
A: You will still owe the processing cost of $25, which recovers only a portion of what it costs the library to search and bill for the material.

Q: What if I pay for the book and then find it?
A: If you return the book within one year of its original due date and provide a receipt, you will be refunded the price of the book. The processing cost is non-refundable.

Q: What if there were extraordinary circumstances that prevented me from renewing or returning the book on time?
A: First, you may request review of the matter under the NC State University Libraries' Petition/Appeal process. Check the box for "Petition an initial charge" and submit the form to the Libraries. If the matter cannot be resolved by library staff, or you wish to appeal the Libraries' decision, you may request consideration by the Appeals Committee. Charges must be paid - unless they have already been transferred to your Cashier's or University Accounting account - prior to consideration by the Appeals Committee. Use the same form as above, checking the box for "Appealing a petition decision". This committee, appointed by the University Library Committee, is made up of students and faculty.

Q: How many times can I renew a book?
A: NC State University faculty are allowed unlimited renewals beyond the original loan period; NC State University graduate students are allowed four renewals. NC State University students, staff, and all other borrowers are allowed three renewals. For a complete list of borrower types, loan periods and renewals allowed, go to

Q: What about fines for recalled books and overdue reserve items?
A: Fines for recalled books are $3.00 per day. Fines for overdue reserve materials are $1.00 per hour on 2-hour materials, and $1.00 per day on 1 day and 3 day materials. For laptop computers, $10.00 per hour.

Q: How can I keep track of what books I have checked out, when they are due, etc?
A: You can view your own library record and renew your books online by clicking on "My Borrowing Record" at /borrow.