Edward Donovan, 1768-1837.

Natural History of the Insects of China: The Figures Drawn From Specimens of the Insects.

Rob Havell: H. G. Bohn, 1838.

The insect named Buprestis (Chrysochroa) Ocellata is considered extremely rare. It is said to have originated in the East Indies. It has two spots on its wing cases which form one large spot when the wings are closed. Its spots are its most distinguishing feature. They are present in the center of each forewing and are somewhat transparent. These spots can be cream colored and are often surrounded by a circle of crimson. The spots sometimes appear brown, but usually only after the insect dies. It has a beautiful under surface with a bright abdomen. A vibrant purple color covers the interior wing cases.


Picture is of an insect called the Buprestis Ocellata.  It appears in Donovan's work entitled, "Natural History of the Insects of China."

Buprestis (Chrysochroa) Ocellata