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MC 00014 Freda Wilkins digital photographs of the Wells Savannah

MC 00073 Bertram Whittier Wells Papers, 1849 - 2003
Represents Wells' research interests, publications, and honors. There is also information about Wells' personal pursuits, his first wife, Edna Metz Wells, and his second wife, Maude Barnes Wells.

MC 00107 Larry Alston Whitford Papers, 1921 - 1996
Whitford was a student and later a colleague of Wells, and the collection contains notes from one of Wells' classes, as well as notes about Wells' work on the Big Savannah and his role in the Botany Department.

UA 021.495 North Carolina State University Chapter, Sigma Xi Records, 1932 - 1995
Includes documentation about the Sigma Xi chapter at NCSU, of which Wells was an active member.

UA 023.024 University Archives Photograph Collection - People Photographs Contains several images of Wells.

UA 023.039 B. W. Wells Lantern Slides, 1920-1953
Contains 551 glass lantern slides that B. W. Wells made of landscapes and plants from various regions of North Carolina, as well as several other regions of North America.

UA 100.015 North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Botany Records, 1948 - 1983
Includes "A History of the Botany Department," by L .A. Whitford, 1970 which describes Wells' role in the early years of the department

UA 140.200 North Carolina State University College of Natural Resources Publications, 1952 - 1988
Contains copies of the Forestry School journal PINETUM, which features articles describing Wells' annual field trip to ecological zones.



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