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Among the Wildflowers

"All Out for the Savannah!"

Dr. Wells addressing a group on his field trip
As quoted in: "North Carolina Makes Another Claim to Greatness"
The Raleigh Times
July 24, 1926

B. W. Wells with graduate student S. G. Boyce explaining the concept of the "vicious circle" while on a field trip in 1953

Wells with students at Carolina Beach

Wells discussing salt spray while on a field trip

Map showing stops along a field trip
"Foray into the North Carolina Coastal Plain, April 18-19, 1953."
The Southern Appalachian Botanical Club in 1953
Asa Gray Bulletin

B. W. Wells

Wells led countless tours of North Carolina's ecology. This article documents a two-day trip in April 1953, when he led a convoy of 15 cars from Chapel Hill to Fort Fisher on the coast. The excursion stopped at six sites, allowing Wells to show his fellow travelers the local plant ecology. This was familiar territory for Wells, for he had spent the past 34 years observing, interpreting, and documenting these areas. Each served as his classroom and lab.

Advanced Ecology Class at Beech Forest in swamp near Windsor, NC

Wells supported the formation of a forestry school at State College in the late 1920s. Since botany was an important part of the forestry curriculum, Wells became a member of the Forestry faculty in addition to the Botany Department. Forestry students would accompany Wells and other botany students on his annual field trips to the coast, which included visits to sites Wells had studied, such as the Big Savannah. They would end with an overnight stay at Carolina Beach which included dancing and celebration. From 1934-1954, an account of the trip appeared in the forestry journal Pinetum, often with tongue-in-cheek descriptions of the dancing abilities of Dr. Wells, who they referred to as "Ikey."

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