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From Sea to Mountain

In the book, Wells divides the state into eleven zones over the course of ten chapters. Shown here are selected images from The Natural Gardens according to the chapters in which they appear.

Seaside Plant Communities: The Windy Dunes and Marine Live Oak Forest; The Salt Marshes.
"The stately sea-oats grass forever waves in the perennial wind of the seaside."
Sea oats
Uniola paniculata L.

Inland Marshes: Cattails and their Neighbors
"Every botanist would like to know why the lizard-tail spike has a weak nodding tip."
Lizard's tail
Saururus cernuus L.

The "Wet" Trees, or Swamp Forest
"The 'wets' of the tree world. Swamp gums are thriving here in 18 inches of water."
Swamp gum
Nyssa biflora Walt.

Fish Gardens: Aquatic Vegetation
"The arrow-leaved spatter dock graces the stream and pond borders of the coastal plain. Note submerged leaves of the same plant which are very different from the floating ones."
Southern spatterdock
Nuphar sagittifolia (Walt.) Pursh

Where Winter Never Comes: The Evergreen Shrub-Bogs
"The flower clusters of the bog dog laurel hide under the leaves."
Bog dog-laurel
Leucothoe axillaris (Lamarck) D. Don

The Most Beautiful Gardens: The Savannahs or Grass-Sedge Bog
"A group of Venus' fly-traps ready for insect victims."
Venus' fly-trap
Dionaea muscipula Ellis

Deserts in the Rain: The Wire-Grass Sandhills
"Turkey oak and long leaf pine, the two trees of the coarse sands."
Longleaf pine
Pinus palustris P. Mill.
Turkey oak
Quercus laevis Walt.

The Melting Pot: Old Fields Where Plant Foreigners and Natives Mingle
"It is fall when the broom sedge flowers and fruits."
Andropogon sp.

The Great Forest: The Upland Shade Gardens
"Nature rapidly reclothes her mountain slopes; second growth timber near Chimney Rock."

Christmas Tree Land: The Boreal Forest of Our High Mountains
"A glimpse of Canada in North Carolina: Note grass bald and shrub bald in distance, right and left respectively. Foreground trees chiefly Fraser's balsam. View on Roan Mountain."
Mountain rhododendron
Mountain rose-bay
Rhododendron catawbiense Michx.
Balsam fir
Abies fraseri (Pursh) Poir.

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