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The Natural Gardens of North Carolina

"Successful gardeners are always practical plant ecologists."

B. W. Wells
The Natural Gardens of North Carolina

By 1930, Wells was known for his expertise on the vegetation of North Carolina. Therefore, when the Garden Club of North Carolina realized the need for a book on native wildflowers, they contacted Wells in to see if he was interested in writing one. Wells, who had summarized the state's ecology for the public in several publications as well as countless lectures, agreed to the project. The result was The Natural Gardens of North Carolina, a unique book that describes the theories of ecology to a popular audience interested in gardening. He uses vivid language, scientific detail, and his photographs to give an accurate tour of the state. He also provides readers with a key to the wildflowers so they can identify flowers that they find. The book provides gardeners with information to assist them in the planting of home gardens, while instilling in readers a love and appreciation of the gardens that appear in nature.

The Natural Gardens of North Carolina remains Wells' single most enduring contribution. It has undergone two revisions and remains in print today.

Sandhill gentian
Gentiana autumnalis L.

Carolina lily
Lilium michauxii Poir.

Longleaf pine
Pinus palustris P. Mill.

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