books titled "A Smoker's Reverie" and "A Pioneer Tobacco Merchant in the Orient" Tobacco Literature

books titled "The Witching Weed" and "Il Romanzo del Tobacco"

Tobacciana Literature Books in this exhibit are housed in the Rare Books Collection of the Special Collections Research Center, or in the general collection of the NCSU Libraries. Tobacco use and abuse have fascinated writers for centuries. Despite ongoing debates between smokers and nonsmokers, governments and corporations, tobacco has enjoyed a place in the pages of novels, satires, rhymes, poetry, plays, and essays.


Books titled "Flat Seventies Cigarettes" and "The Smoker's Textbook"
Lord Byron on Tobacco
Throughout history, pipes, cigars, snuff, and cigarettes have played the role of enticing devil or trusted confidant, of deadly disabler or delicious enabler. For as long as tobacco has engaged the attention of society, the weed and its users have found their place in literature, coming to characterize glamor, danger, or humor. To this day, the act of smoking still captivates an audience, allowing tobacco its continued popularity in literature.
Books titled "O Tobaco E O Alcool Estudo Medico, Economico E Juridico" and "Uncle Toby's Stories"