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Requiem: By the Photographers Who Died in Vietnam and Indochina

About the Exhibit

Requiem: By the Photographers Who Died in Vietnam and Indochina
NCSU Libraries Exhibition Salutes Photographers from Vietnam Era

The NCSU Libraries is pleased to present a traveling exhibition of photographs as a follow-up to the tremendously successful Pulitzer Prize photograph exhibition. Requiem: By the Photographers Who Died in Vietnam and Indochina features more than 150 images taken by photojournalists who died in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam and French Indochina wars. The exhibit, scheduled to run from February 16 through May 31, 2004, will be located in the D. H. Hill Library's main circulation lobby and mezzanine. The exhibit is free and open to the public during regular library hours.

Requiem includes images taken by men and women on both sides of the conflicts and is a moving tribute to the 135 photojournalists who did not survive. It features the photography not only of Americans, Europeans, Cambodians, and South Vietnamese, but also of the North Vietnamese and Vietcong. The latter photos had never been seen in the West until the exhibit was assembled by Horst Faas and Tim Page, two photographers who were wounded in Vietnam. Faas, a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, covered the war for the Associated Press (AP) as its chief photographer for Southeast Asia. He is now based in London as the senior photo editor for the AP. Page, a freelance photographer based in England, covered the war for AP, UPI, Paris Match, and Life. Together, they wrote the book Requiem, published in 1997.

The exhibit is presented by the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film. Previously, it has been shown in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Tokyo, Hanoi, Lausanne, and London. It has also been on display in Ho Chi Minh City since 2000. According to the museum, Requiem "is a demonstration of what war did to the people who suffered and the soldiers who fought. The messages conveyed by the photographs of Requiem explain decades later, in very clear terms, what really happened in Vietnam."

The D. H. Hill Library is located at 2205 Hillsborough Street, across from the Wachovia Bank Building, in Raleigh, N.C. Admission to the exhibit is free.

For more information on hours of operation, see Visiting the Exhibit. We have also arranged special events in conjunction with the exhibit - please check the Calendar of Events. If you require further information please contact Jim Mulvey, (919) 515-3339.