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Tom Regan was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1938 to Thomas and Marie Regan. He grew up in the city, but when Regan was fifteen, his parents moved to the suburbs. In high school he became interested in literature and writing. He says he wrote horrible fiction and worse poetry.

He also played clarinet and tenor saxaphone in the school band and made extra money playing big band music like Glenn Millerís in dance bands and small combos. Regan also played football and golf and ran track.

baby photo baby book cover Regan's house of birth Regan in his band uniform Regan's football certificate graduation photo from Thiel college




He received his bachelor's degree from Thiel College in 1960, and his master's and doctoral degrees from the University of Virginia in 1962 and 1966, respectively. As a graduate student, Regan studied and wrote about "The Commendation Thesis." Before coming to NC State in 1967, Regan taught at Sweet Briar College from 1965 to 1967. He served as head of the Philosophy and Religion Department at NC State from 1995 to 1999.

Thiel College diploma notice in Tom Regan's father's company newsletter stating "Employee's son earns Ph.D. - Thomas Regan, Bayard foreman, is an especially proud father with  the announcement that his son, Thomas, was granted a Ph.D. degree in philosophy by the University of Virginia.  Regan's son graduated  from Thiel College in 1960 and received his master's degree in philosophy in 1962 from the University of Virginia.  While studying for these advanced degrees, Thomas held a fellowship and taught university classes.  He is currently an instructor at Sweet Briar College in Virginia.   Tom reports that his son plans to continue his career as a college teacher." track meet Tom and Nancy Regan Regan Family Photo





In 1962 Tom Regan married Nancy Jane Tirk. They have two children, Bryan and Karen. As newlyweds, the Regans acquired a dog named Gleco and treated him as a child. Glecoís death in the summer of 1972 changed Tom Reganís life. He started to think more about animal rights and became a vegetarian. This change led to the publication of The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism. This work was anthologized in numerous philosophy textbooks on contemporary ethical issues. In 1976 Regan worked with philosopher Peter Singer on Animal Rights and Human Obligations. They found that there was not much material available on the philosophy of animal rights. In subsequent revised editions, the two professors realized they had too much material to include in the volume. Reganís seminal work The Case for Animal Rights came out in 1983 and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Shortly after its publication, Regan started work on a book about British philosopher George Edward Moore called Bloomsburyís Prophet: G. E. Moore and the Development of His Moral Philosophy, which was published in 1987. Reganís recent works Defending Animal Rights (University of Illinois Press, 2000) and The Animal Rights Debate with Carl Cohen (Rowman and Littlefield, 2001) continue his groundbreaking work in Animal Rights.


Tom and his dog Tippy play in the snow in Pennsylvania. Tom and his sister Catherine Tom and his sister Catherine New Year's Day 1945 "Don't Take My Penny" Play Program Graduation photo from University of Virginia Tom and his parents Tom with dog and cat





Above are a few more images of Tom Regan's life. Tom Regan and his dog Tippy play in the snow in Pennsylvania. Regan and his sister, Catherine, are pictured twice in the early 1940s. He starred in North Allegheny High School's production of Don't Take My Penny. Regan (left) and James Cargile (now a professor at the University of Virginia) the day of their graduation from the masterís program in philosophy at the University of Virginia. Regan and his parents are pictured outside of the house where his parents lived as newlyweds in their first apartment. Regan with Bitty (on his arm), Pulu, and Putsy (the cat).


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