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The Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive at the NCSU Libraries includes:
Animal Rights Collections at NCSU
In 2000 the NCSU Libraries received funding from an anonymous donor to establish the Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive in the Libraries' Special Collections Research Center. With Dr. Regan's assistance, Special Collections continues its task of collecting, preserving, and providing access to valuable collections which document the roles of key individuals and organizations in the animal rights movement. With this work, researchers - from undergraduates to scholars to activists - are able to study the history and development of the field using valuable primary source material.

Tom Regan Papers
The Tom Regan Papers document the career of NC State Professor of Philosophy, Tom Regan. Regan’s work provides much of the philosophical and ethical underpinnings for the contemporary animal rights movement in the United States. His 1983 text, The Case for Animal Rights, is regarded by many scholars and commentators as the seminal work in the field. The collection, measuring 78 linear feet, and consisting of notes, letters, manuscripts and typescripts, books and pamphlets, and audiovisual materials—offers insight and context for the development of Regan’s ideas. As the collection's appraiser noted, "this collection is the foundation for this field of study because the one who has assembled it is the intellectual genius who articulated philosophically the basis of the movement."

Betsy and Tom Giduz Papers
Tom and Betsy Giduz are local North Carolina animal rights activists. This collection contains reprints of local and national Animal Rights literature, particularly with regard to biological and medical research.

Culture and Animals Foundation Records
The Culture and Animals Foundation (CAF) is a nonprofit, cultural organization committed to fostering the growth of intellectual and artistic endeavors united by a positive concern for animals. Founded in 1985 by Nancy and Tom Regan, the CAF exists to expand understanding and appreciation of animals—improving the ways in which they are treated and their standing in human society.

Ron Scott Collection
Consisting of over 1100 video tapes, the Ron Scott Collection contains footage depicting animal rights events as well as animal abuse. Included are several videotapes of festivals sponsored by the Culture and Animal Foundation.

Animal Welfare Institute Records
The Animal Welfare Institute Records consist of over 470 linear feet of research files, photographs, publications, audiovisual materials, and other records which document the work of AWI from the 1950s through 2002.

Esther Mechler Papers
Esther Mechler is the founder of SPAY/USA, the largest spay/neuter advocacy and referral program in the world. Founded in Connecticut in 1990, it has grown to include more than 8,000 sites nationwide. This collection contains Ms. Mechler's papers, along with a selection of films, periodicals, T-shirts, and other memorabilia pertaining to the rise of the animal rights movement. Titles include copies of the Unicorn, one of the first animal rights newspapers, as well as some other work by Maria Grant; background information for the first animal rights slide show, Animal Rights: The Issues, the Movement, and other educational materials.

Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights Records
The Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (AVAR) was founded in 1981 by Neil C. Wolff, D.V.M. and Nedim C. Buyukmihci, V.M.D. to educate the public and the veterinary profession to secure higher ideals of humanity and policy toward all nonhuman animals. The AVAR Collection includes articles, newsletters, videotapes, and other materials documenting the work of the association.

Steve Sapontzis Papers
Steve Sapontzis, author of the landmark Morals, Reason, and Animals, and founder of the Hayward Friends of Animals Humane Society, is emeritus professor of philosophy (Cal State, Hayward). This collection includes copies of several of his philosophical and animal rights manuscripts.

Animals Asia Foundation Records
The Animals Asia Foundation, a government-registered charity based in Hong Kong, with additional offices in Australia and the United Kingdom, is devoted to the needs of wild, domesticated and endangered species through the Asian continent. The Animals Asia Collection contains papers, promotional material, and a video, pertaining to the work of the foundation.

Catherine Roberts Papers
Catherine Roberts was an animal rights advocate who began her career as a scientist, but soon determined that she would devote her life to writing about the need for humane treatment of animals. This collection contains Dr. Roberts's writings, including The Scientific Conscience; Science, Animals, and Evolution; and articles and correspondence.

Dietrich von Haugwitz Papers
The Dietrich von Haugwitz Papers consists of research files devoted to animal rights organizations as well as animal rights issues. The collection documents work in North Carolina and across the globe.

Lisa Finlay Papers
Lisa Finlay, who studied at NCSU under Tom Regan, was the first director of Feminists for Animal Rights. This collection contains papers and artifacts related to ecofeminism as well as the intersection between feminism and animal rights.

Peta Research Files
The research files of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) contains clippings, newsletters, reports, and other records dating from 1980 to 2001. These files include documentation of animal rights issues from around the world.

Argus Archives Records
The Argus Archives Records contain over 164 linear feet of records documenting the establishment of the archies and its work as both a resource for other humane organizations around the world and its capacity as a humane organization.


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