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About This Site
In 2000, the NCSU Libraries received funding from an anonymous donor to establish the Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive. The library is using this funding to organize, preserve, and provide access to the Tom Regan Collection, which consists of Regan's personal papers and books documenting his key role in the animal rights movement. The gift was also used to fund this animal rights research site, and a library exhibit featuring the collection. As funds permit, the gift will be used to expand the Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive to include materials from individuals and organizations related to the animal rights movement in this country. Regan's gift, coupled with support from the donation, marks the first attempt in the world to establish a single central repository for rare and unique materials relating to the animal rights movement.

This animal rights research site was designed by the NCSU Computer Science Senior Design Center students Shane Smith, Brenda Loehfelm, Sherry Pitz, Alan Seales, and Matt Senter, in consultation with the NSCU Libraries’ Special Collections, Digital Library Initiatives, and Systems Departments.

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