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Raptor Rehabilitation

The Alabama Raptor Center
Not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the conservation of birds of prey and their natural systems through education, research, medicine, and propagation

The California Raptor Center
University organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned raptors, providing hands-on training in the care and management of birds of prey and providing educational programs to the general public and the university community

The Carolina Raptor Center
Non-profit organization, the mission of which is the conservation of birds of prey through rehabilitation, research, and education

The Cascades Raptor Center
Non-profit nature center and wildlife hospital specializing in birds of prey

The Kalahari Raptor Center
Organization on a game preserve for the care of injured and orphaned birds of prey and small mammals, with an outreach program for the schools and an education center that illustrates the five major threats to birds of prey

The Raptor Center, Minnesota
International medical facility for birds of prey, the mission of which is to preserve biological diversity among raptors and other avian species through medical treatment, scientific investigation, education, and management of wild populations

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