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Factory Farming

Animal Place
Non-profit farmed animal sanctuary and education center, providing online farm animal-related publications such as comic books, children's books, cookbooks, as well as events and related links

Defending Farm Animals
Defending Farm Animals, Inc. seeks to reduce mistreatment of food animals through investigations, exposÚs, and public education

End Factory Farming
United Kingdom organization dedicated to the elimination of factory farming.

Factory The Truth Hurts
Views opposing animals in agriculture. Sponsored by Farm Sanctuary.

Farm Animal Reform Movement
An educational organization advocating a plant-based diet and humane treatment of farmed animals through grassroots programs

Farm Animals
Animal Welfare Information Center page on farm animals, including government policy, legislation, disaster planning, farm animal publications, meetings, news, and other related links
Comprehensive resource created to help people who are working to advance the interests of farmed animals, with fact sheets, action alerts, contact information, publications and links

The Grace Factory Farm Project
The Grace Factory Farm Project seeks to eliminate factory farming in favor of a sustainable food production system which is healthful and humane, economically viable, and environmentally sound.

The Humane Farming Association
Organization for protection of farm animals, using anti-cruelty investigations & exposÚs, media & ad campaigns, hands-on emergency care & refuge for abused farm animals, consumer awareness programs, state and federal legislation, & education

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