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Diet Ethics

American Vegan Society
The American Vegan Society is a nonprofit educational membership organization teaching a compassionate way of living that includes veganism.

NARN | Veganism
Definitions of veganism and vegetarianism, along with links to more information

The Schwartz Collection on Judaism, Vegetarianism, and Animal Ri
Comprehensive collection of articles on vegetarianism by Dr. Richard Schwartz, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at College of Staten Island

The Vegetarian Resource Group
A non-profit organization providing information for the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger, in addition to publishing the Vegetarian Journal

The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom
Vegetarian cooking school affiliated with Vegetarian Society, leisure and lifestyle directory of vegetarian-friendly goods, services, and charities, health and nutrition, animals and the environment, press releases, other Vegetarian Society information
News, editorials, ethics & animals, health & nutrition, environment, recipes, upcoming events, and organizations

Vegan Outreach
Reasons to be vegan, spreading veganism, related health issues, articles, and news
News, vegan FAQ, vegan information, and
Information and Resources on Vegetarian/Vegan Nutrition, Ethics, Cooking and Businesses
Articles and links regarding animal welfare

Viva! Resources
Viva!'s online resource books on vegetarianism, with information on nutritional, factory farming, environmental, and food poisoning issues

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