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Animal Rights
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Animal Freedom
Freedom is a basic animal right

Animal health, well-being, and rights
Contains links to general sites with focus on many types of animals, categorized links to specialized sites that focus on one type of animal

Animal Rights & Welfare Issues
Site providing information on animal rights and animal welfare such as organizations, vegetarianism, clothes, expermentation, entertainment, dissection, companion animals, wildlife, activists, and environmental issues

Animal Rights and Vegetarian Ethics
Answers all commonly asked questions about animal rights

Animal Rights Online
Contains links to animal rights and vegetarian web sites, as well as newsletter archives and information on signing up for free newsletter

Animal Rights Watch Maintainted by Derek Coons
Introduction to animal rights, animal rights organizations, essays, information on vegan nutrition and health, animal experimentation, and related issues

Ark Online
An independent publication using the Web to broadcast information about animal welfare to a wide array of readers

Primer on Animal Rights -- The Vegetarian Resource Group
A definition of animal rights and information on related issues such as the difference between animal rights and animal welfare, how animal rights relates to human rights, vegetarianism, books, organizations, and animal rights concerns

Tracing an animal-rights philosophy
Article in Christian Science Monitor on Tom Regan and his views on the public acceptance of animal rights and his philosophy and aspirations for the field

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