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Animal Experimentation

Alternatives to Animal Testing on the Web
Altweb, the Alternatives to Animal Testing Web Site, was created to serve as a gateway to animal testing alternatives news, information, and resources on the Internet and beyond

American Anti-Vivisection Society
Non-profit, animal advocacy & educational organization dedicated to ending experimentation on animals in research, testing, & education

Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing
Affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, providing programs for a better, safer, more humane future for people and animals

NARN | Animal Testing
Article and quick facts on animal testing, along with links to more information on the subject

Research Controversies and Issues
Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine advocates alternatives to harming animals for educational or research purposes - contains links to help physicians, medical students, and laypersons better understand the issues and options

The Animals Voice
Online resource site, over 15,000 links

The Lord Dowding Fund
Supports, sponsors, and funds methods of scientific and medical research for testing products and curing disease, where such methods replace the use of animals

Uncaged Campaigns
Uncaged Campaigns is an anti-vivisection pressure group based in Sheffield, England - site contains information on the definition of vivisection, news, xenotransplantation, companies which support vivisection, action campaigns, and other related issues

World Animal Net
Background information, resources, and other information on the cosmetics campaign, the aim of which is to end animal testing of cosmetic products and ingredients

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