Open Textbook Grant

North Carolina State University Libraries is currently accepting proposals for our Open Textbook Grants. The proposal form can be found below.

The grant is a collaboration between the Libraries, DELTA, and Wolfpack Outfitters and is designed to support faculty in finding and adopting Open Educational Resources (OER) in place of a textbook that students must purchase. OER course materials are available at no cost to faculty, and they allow you to adapt and redistribute the content with no or limited restrictions so that you can modify and disseminate the resources in ways that fit your and your student's needs.

Grants will be awarded to support costs associated with evaluating and adopting resources. Instructors may be eligible for additional compensation for work associated with adopting an alternative textbook and integrating that selection with a course.

Available Grants:

Review an Open Textbook

Find an open textbook that would be appropriate for your class or a class in your department and review it. Post your review on the Open Textbook Library.

Adapt/Adopt an Open Textbook

Redesign your course to incorporate an open textbook. The textbook can be adopted as-is or remixed (rearranged, edited, or combined with other materials) to better fit class topics and presentation order. The textbook must be the required textbook -OR- there must be no required textbook. Awardees agree to use free or low-cost resources for at least three semesters and present briefly on their experiences with the program.

Department/Group Adoption

Choose open textbooks for three or more classes and adopt them as the assigned textbook for the classes by Fall 2022. This can include adapting open textbooks to better fit class topics and presentation order. The textbooks must be the required textbooks for each class OR there must be no required textbook for those classes. The successful application will include at least five faculty and at least three courses from the department.

Award amounts are:

  • Review a textbook = $200
  • Adopt/Adapt a textbook = $2500
  • Departmental Grant = $2500 per faculty member

Proposals are due on December 14th, 2021.

If you have questions about the Alt-Textbook Project, or you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact the Open Knowledge Center.

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