What is Urban Entomology?

With the rise of urban areas and this country’s move from an agrarian society to an urban society, there has been a corresponding increase in concern over arthropods, both beneficial and harmful, in our urban environment.  Consequently, interest has grown in urban entomology, the branch of entomology that studies arthropods common in urban environments.  Urban entomology studies these arthropods not only to improve control programs, but also to understand the organisms themselves and how they interact with us and our homes.

Urban entomology focuses on arthropod pests that cause nuisance, economic damage and public health concerns in residential, commercial and industrial settings.  Fundamental research addresses the behavior, physiology, ecology and genetics of urban insects, particularly cockroaches, termites and ants, while applied projects integrate novel and established technologies with the goal of providing economically feasible and environmentally sound management solutions.