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Site Usability

This site was designed to be usable by any browser and has undergone testing with

We are very interested in any problems you run into using this site. Please select the browser you are using from the above list to see know problems before continuing. If your problem is not listed, please fill out the form below.


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Known Problems Browsing This Site


Problem: The content of the non-flash front page has a lot of line breaks.

Solution: WebTV has a lower resolution than any computer screen, so this is a common problem with web sites. The site map may be an easier way to browse the contents of our site.

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Problem: The content on the non-flash front page (or Taxonomic Index of Common Names page) does not display correctly.

Solution: This site makes extensive use of tables. Your version of Lynx probably does not support tables or has limited table support. Consider either upgrading to a more recent version of Lynx or using our site map to browse the contents of our site.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer

Problem: I have the version of Microsoft Internet Explorer that came with Windows 95 (i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.1) or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.2 and the drop down menus on each page do not work.

Solution: These menus use Javascript and Microsoft Internet Explorer does not have complete support for the Javascript standard until version 4.01. Consider upgrading if you want to use this feature; otherwise, try the Taxonomic Index of Resources, which is another way to get at the same information that the drop down menus provide.

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Hot Java

Problem: Those drop down menus on the top of each page cover some of the content on the non-flash front page.

Solution: Unfortunately, Hot Java 1.1.4 is not recognizing our line breaks in that part of the page. Hopefully future versions of Hot Java will solve this problem.

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