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The Dr. Z. P. Metcalf Collection

Img of Z. P. MetcalfAbout the Metcalf Collection

The Zeno P. Metcalf Papers contain information about Metcalf's personal and professional life. The majority of the collection is in the vast Insect Order Homoptera Literature series which was Metcalf's personal accumulation of books, pamphlets, journals, bibliographies, studies, and catalogues from around the world. These materials range in publication dates from 1746 through 1955, though the bulk of the collection dates from the nineteenth century. The collection includes virtually everything published on the Auchenorrhyncha through 1955 and contains every citation made by Dr. Metcalf in his 42 volume General Catalog of the Homoptera of the World.

Zeno P. Metcalf was a professor and entomologist at North Carolina State College from 1912 to 1950. Metcalf received his A. B. Degree in 1907 from Ohio State University. He became the Assistant Entomologist for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture in 1908. He joined the faculty at North Carolina State College in 1912 as Head of the Department of Zoology and Entomology. He attended Harvard University and was awarded the degree of Sc.D. in 1925. From 1923-1944 he served as Director of Instruction for the School of Agriculture and Life Sciences and from 1940-1943, he was Director of the Graduate School of the Consolidated University. Most of Metcalf's career was dedicated to compiling and cataloging his extensive library of research materials relating to the Insect Order Homoptera and working on the General Catalogue of the Homoptera of the World, a 42-volume index to his collection.

--from the Special Collections & University Archives, NCSU Libraries



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