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Welcome to the NC State University AgNIC Systematic Entomology site! NCSU Libraries and the NC State Department of Entomology are partnering in this collaborative effort to collect, organize, and provide access to the best academic, scholarly, research, and practical resources available on the identification, classification, nomenclature, and evolution of insects and related arthropods.

NC State is a member of AgNIC (the Agriculture Network Information Center), a distributed collective of electronic subject-oriented information centers developed and maintained by the USDA/National Agricultural Library and an alliance of land grant universities and other agricultural organizations. NC State's participation has been funded in part by a Faculty Outreach and Professional Development Grant from NC State.

The design of this site incorporates leading edge technology, such as Macromedia Flash, but not at the expense of universal accessibility. Links have been carefully selected, and, in addition, unique original materials previously available only at NC State will be digitized and made accessible to researchers, students, practitioners, and laypeople throughout North Carolina and the world beyond; these resources will be added to the site as funds permit.

References & Copyrights

With few exceptions, we recognize the family classification of the Insects of Australia, 2nd edition. More complete listings and alternative family names may be found in Nomina Insecta Nearctica. Family common names are based in part on Borror, Triplehorn, and Johnson, Introduction to the Study of Insects, 6th edition.

HTML, content, layout, and design © 1998 NC State University. Reuse strictly prohibited. The Entomology font is © 1998 Siobhan O'Neal. Some material within these pages is copyrighted separately. These sections have a copyright symbol by their title. Please see the © on copyrighted material for more information.

Design & Acknowledgments

This site was designed by and initially coded by Ted Snyder, Department of Entomology, NC State University, and Collection Management, NCSU Libraries, using Macromedia Dreamweaver 2 and Macromedia Flash 3 on a Power Macintosh G3. Limited HTML editing was also done by hand. This site utilizes Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets, Perl, and Macromedia Flash.

Credits go out to the NC State AgNIC Systematic Entomology Team:
James Baker, Department of Entomology
Bob Blinn, Department of Entomology
Debbie Currie*, Collection Management, NCSU Libraries
Lewis Deitz*, Department of Entomology
Paul Kiel, Special Collections & University Archives, NCSU Libraries
Linda McCormick, Special Collections & University Archives, NCSU Libraries
Alesia McManus, Research and Information Services, NCSU Libraries
Ted Snyder, Collection Management, NCSU Libraries, and Department of Entomology
Deborah Westmoreland, Digital Library Initiatives, NCSU Libraries

*Current Team Co-Principal Investigators

Special thanks to Siobhan O'Neal, Natural Scientific Illustrator, for the beautiful Entomology font! This font also won the 1997 NC State Entomology Student T-shirt design contest and is © 1998 by Siobhan O'Neal.

Thanks also to others who have contributed generously to this site, including John Abbott, Stuart McKamey, Mike Waldvogel, and Brian Wiegmann.


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