Accessible Parking and Building Access

The NC State University Accessibility Map (PDF) shows accessible parking, building entries, walkways, and other information for the entire NC State campus.

Except for pay lots, all parking spaces on campus require parking stickers that are issued through the Transportation Department. For more information about accessible parking and permit applications, contact Transportation at (919) 515-3424 or the Transportation Accessibility Coordinator at (919) 515-8032.

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D. H. Hill Jr. Library

D. H. Hill Jr. Library Accessible Parking Map

Map of accessible parking at Hill Library


There are two parking places reserved for users with limited mobility in the Patterson parking lot near Broughton Dr. and the East Wing of the library.

Building Access

From Hillsborough Street:
Cross Founders Drive and use the main entrance, which is on on ground level and has automatic doors.

From the Brickyard:
There are wheelchair-accessible ramps from the brickyard around the left (west) side of the library to the Hillsborough Street entrance. The first floor entrance is on ground level and has automatic doors.

From the Patterson Lot:

  • For immediate access, call the Ask Us desk at 919-515-3364, and staff will come open the East door for you.
  • Use the ramp on the east side of the Hill Library to get to the sidewalk, then follow the sidewalk along the north side of the building along Founders Drive, all the way to the entrance at the northwest corner.
  • Individuals with disabilities who need to enter the building from Patterson parking lot can apply for an access card to the east door. This electronic proximity card will temporarily deactivate the lock and alarms, and a push pad is available to open the doors for unassisted entry.

Wheelchairs Provided

The Ask Us desk on the first floor can provide a wheelchair while you are at Hill Library. Wheelchairs are available near the Hillsborough Street entrance on the first floor and outside the Friends of the Library office, first floor, East Wing. Feel free to call ahead so we can meet you at the entrance. Call 919-515-3364. (Information for staff).

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James B. Hunt Jr. Library Accessible Parking Map

Map of accessible parking at Hunt Library

James B. Hunt Jr. Library


There are five car-accessible spaces and one van-accessible space in the Poutlon Deck paylot on Partners Way directly across the street from the library. There are more accessible parking options in the Partners Way Parking Deck located north of the library.

Building Access

From the Oval (east side):
There are power-assisted doors operated by a push pad at this main entrance to the library. You will enter the building on the second floor. Once inside the building, the entrance to the library is on the left.

From the Partners Way (west side):
There are power-assisted doors operated by a push pad at this entrance. You will enter the building on the first floor. Take the elevator up one floor; the entrance to the library is to the right of the elevator.

Wheelchairs Provided

Wheelchairs are available near both entrances. On the first floor, wheelchairs are available to the right of the doors to the Auditorium. On the second floor, wheelchairs are available just inside the gates near the Ask Us desk. Ask Us staff can bring a wheelchair to you; feel free to call ahead so we can meet you at one of the entrances. Call 919-515-7110. (Information for staff.)

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Harrye B. Lyons Design Library


Map of accessible parking. The nearest space is on the street outside Brooks Hall, which requires a B permit. There are more spaces in the Boney Lot, also requiring a B permit. One spot on Dunn Avenue and more spots in the Jeter Drive bays require a C permit. Visitors and RE or CD permit holders can park in the Coliseum Deck.

Visitor Parking

Visitors will find accessible parking in the Reynolds Coliseum Deck (201 Jeter Dr., Raleigh, NC 27606 — Google Maps directions to the Coliseum Deck).

For parking fees and more information, please visit the NC State University Transportation page for Visitor Parking.

Permit Holders

“B” permit holders will find accessible parking on Pullen Road between Brooks and Gold Halls, or in the Boney Drive Lot.

“C” permit holders will find accessible parking on Dunn Avenue or in the Jeter Drive Bays.

“CD” and “RE” permit holders can find accessible parking in the Coliseum Deck.

The NC State Accessible Spaces Map shows the location of accessible parking spaces for all of campus. Note that spaces may require “B,” “C,” or other permits in addition to the accessible parking permit.

Building Access

Map of accessible routes from Boney Drive, Stinson Drive, and Pullen Road.

The Design Library is in Brooks Hall and is accessible via elevator from the ground floor. The elevator is located in Brooks Hall’s north exterior breezeway, east of Kamphoefner Hall, just south of Stinson Drive. The buttons in the elevator do not match up with the building’s floor numbers. Press the first floor button in the elevator to get to the library’s floor (the second floor).

The NC State University Accessibility Map (PDF) shows detailed information about the accessibility of buildings and routes.

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Natural Resources Library

Accessible Parking

Map with accessible spaces marked in the parking lots north and south of Jordan Hall, which require C Permits. Accessible spaces for visitors are available in the Coliseum Parking Deck. Outside this deck, a Wolfline bus can take you south a short way to Jordan Hall. Also on this map, accessible routes to the entrance of Jordan Hall are marked. All buildings are accessible. The library is located on the ground floor of Jordan Hall.
Open expanded view, including nearest visitor parking in the Coliseum Deck

NC State permit-holders

The closest car-accessible parking is on Faucette Drive in the Biltmore South Lot between Jordan and Biltmore Halls, where there are two spaces. There are also three spaces at the east end of Jordan Addition, located near the Morrill Drive intersection. Vehicles parked in these spaces must display both the appropriate NC State permit and a valid state-issued handicapped parking placard or plate.


Visitors with a valid state-issued handicapped parking placard or plate may park in the Coliseum Deck, a gated lot that requires a credit card to enter and for payment upon exit. Accessible spaces for cars and vans are located near the exit. From the parking deck visitors can travel around campus for free on any of the Wolfline buses, which have wheelchair lifts and a kneeling capability to assist those with limited mobility.

Visitors needing accessible parking closer to Jordan Hall can inquire about a visitor pass by contacting the Transportation Office.

Building Access

The front and rear doors of Jordan Hall are accessible by ramps and have pushpad power-assisted doors. Both doors open to the central lobby area. The interior door from the lobby into the library has a lever handle to enter and a push bar to exit. If you are unable to operate these doors you may knock or call (919) 515-2306 for assistance. Visit the CNR’s Accessibility Information page for more information about navigating this building cluster.

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William Rand Kenan, Jr. Library of Veterinary Medicine


Map of accessible parking spaces. Seven accessible spaces are in the parking lot across from the CVM Main Building, available for C permit holders and visitors. Eleven accessible spaces are in the Centennial Biomedical Campus parking lot, also available for C permit holders and visitors.
Click to enlarge map

C permit holders and visitors can find accessible spaces in the parking lot opposite the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Main Building, across William Moore Dr.

The other lot that has accessible spaces is the Centennial Biomedical Campus Parking Deck, for C & CC permit holders and visitors. An accessible route from both parking areas leads to the CVM Main Building.

Visitors must pay for parking at the parking lot's pay station. Parking rates and other information

Building access

The Veterinary Medicine Library is accessible via an elevator from the main CVM entrance to the lower level for people with mobility limitations or deliveries. Ask the receptionist for access to the elevator Mon-Fri, 8am–5pm.

For access during the other hours when the Library is open, please call the library service desk at (919) 513-6218 and a library staff person will provide access to the elevator for you or arrange to deliver requested materials to the main entrance.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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