Emergency Evacuation

Evacuation Procedures

During an emergency, patrons with mobility impairments should proceed to the nearest stairwell and wait inside the stairwell on the landing.

Patrons with mobility impairments should ensure that the emergency personnel are made aware of their location by sending word through others exiting the building, or by telephone if available (919-515-3333).

NC State University Libraries personnel will notify Libraries' Facilities staff if they are aware of patrons with mobility impairments in the building. In the case of a real emergency, emergency personnel will automatically sweep every stairwell and floor to ensure all occupants are out, but knowledge of an individual's location can ensure that help arrives more quickly.

Please note: Sprinkler heads are zoned so they engage where a fire actually occurs and do not go off in a false alarm situation. When the alarms stop sounding, the issue has been resolved and a threat is no longer present.

Areas of Rescue Assistance

D. H. Hill Jr. Library

  • The West Wing stairwell closest to the elevator.
  • Bookstacks stairwell and several stairwells in the East Wing.¬†

Note: The stairwells and sprinkler system in the East Wing and Bookstacks provide a sufficient measure of safety such that an area of rescue assistance is not required.

James B. Hunt Jr. Library

Each level in the southeast stairwell is an area of rescue assistance.