Our Library of the Future Symposium

Since the James B. Hunt Jr. Library opened  in January 2013, we have been delighted to welcome thousands of guests who are interested in seeing Our Library of the Future.  Our visitors have included architects, designers, librarians, technologists, and campus adminstrators.  Everyone is intrigued by the possibilities for research and learning in a facility where technology and tradition are entwined so effortlessly.

Many libraries have requested a more in-depth visit that would allow a deeper exchange with staff who were heavily involved in the planning for this innovative new library.

In response, we created a two-day symposium, designed specifically for libraries that are considering, or embarking on, renovation or building programs.  In addition to tours of both the D. H. Hill Library (renovated in 2007) and James B. Hunt Jr. Library, there are sessions on the architecture and furnishings, new technologies (including large scale visualization spaces, a game lab, and creativity studio), the logistics and service implications of an automated storage and retrieval system for collections (the bookBot), and the service and staffing model planning that was required to open and operate the new library.  The vision and cultural transformation necessary to bring Our Library of the Future to fruition is also discussed.

Upcoming symposiums: 

Symposiums are scheduled quarterly.  Our Spring 2015 Symposium is tentatively scheduled for May 28 - 29.  If you have additional questions, or would like to be notified when registration opens for this or future symposiums,  please contact our Visitor Experience Librarian or fill out the pre-registration form here.   There is no cost attend the symposium, but space is limited.