Video Walls

There are four large video walls built into the public spaces around the Hunt Library and a fifth in our Game Lab. These ultra high-definition displays, built with Christie MicroTiles technology, make Hunt a storytelling building, integrating architecture and digital media to facilitate exciting new forms of communication. 

Have a content idea?

We curate a program of content for the video walls that is focused on demonstrating NC State's impact and welcome you to contribute to our permanent content portfolio.

Producer's Toolkit

Use these resources to start making content for our video walls.

The Walls

iPearl Immersion Theater - Prominently located to catch the eye of everyone entering the library, the Immersion Theater is Hunt’s premiere digital exhibit space. The right side of the video wall inside the Theater has a gentle curve, which gives content an immersive quality. Visitors can walk up closely to examine details or have a seat to let the experience soak in. Audio capabilities make this the ideal video wall for communicating with voiceovers and soundtracks.

Art Wall - Welcoming visitors into the library space on the second floor, the Art Wall is particularly well suited to show digital artwork designed for the space.

Commons Wall - Visible from both learning commons areas on the third and fourth floors, the Commons Wall is at the center of the library’s academic activity. The Roman stairs opposite the Commons Wall can accommodate a large number of simultaneous viewers.

Visualization Wall - The Visualization Wall features the most unique shape of any of the video walls in the Hunt Library. Located outside of the Teaching and Visualization Lab and near our Makerspace, its columnar arrangement presents a canvas that will appeal to the adventurous designer.