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  • The Computer Locations map (PDF) shows all of the Unity workstations in the Library. The majority are College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Unity workstations which NCSU patrons may use to access their Unity filespace and the full suite of Unity applications. All Unity workstations in the main reading room and conference rooms normally print using your AllCampus/OneCard balance to the Follow Me B&W printer in the Current Journals/VETS aisle.  There is also a color FollowMe printer (choose WolfPrint-Color) in the A110 Copy/Print Room
  • Visitors may use the two guest library workstations in the Veterinary Medicine Library. These computers located next to the A110 Copy/Print Room provide quick access to the internet, to the Libraries catalog and databases, and to some productivity software, but not Unity file access.  Another quick lookup guest computer is located on the north side of the Service Desk.  These computers are not connected to a printer--if you are not an NCSU affiliate using WolfPrint's "Web Print" on these or any other non-Unity computer, please ask for assistance.
  • The VML has several PC and Mac laptops and tablet PCs available for loan through the Libraries' technology lending service. Laptops are equipped with the full suite of Microsoft Office applications, as well as web browsers and other basic applications and utilities.
  • Wireless Computing is available in the library. This service provides wireless network access from one of our laptops or from your own laptop. For more information, see the NCSU Libraries' Connecting to Internet and Campus Network page.
  • Laptop Computer Lab The A101 Multipurpose Room can be converted to a laptop computer lab for 24 participants. See laptop lab procedures for more information about reservations and setup.
  • Specialized software on select computers:

Scanners (A110 Copy/Print Room)

  • Overhead Color and Greyscale Scanner - Zeutschel overhead scanner located inside the copier room. Use a USB drive to download scans as PDF, JPG, or TIFF. Great for large or tightly bound materials. VML lends USB drives--ask at the Service Desk.
  • Overhead Color and Greyscale Scanner -BookCopy overhead scanner located inside the copier room. Email scans from the system or use a USB drive to download scans as PDF, JPG, or TIFF. 
  • Flatbed Scanner - Flatbed scanning workstation with document feeder - Epson GT20000 scans up to 11.7x17. Log into your Unity account to scan materials.


All Unity printing is serviced by WolfPrint. The fees are $0.10 per page for black and white printing and $0.25 for each page of color printing.  Larger print jobs can be arranged through Wolf XPpress Print and Copy Services.

You can check your print quota at https://oit.ncsu.edu/my-it/wolfprint/.  You need a positive balance in your AllCampus/OneCard account in order to print to printers in the library; you can use a credit card on that site to add value to your account online. There is a service charge for adding value online to the card. Value may also be added with check by mail or in person via cash or check at the Wolfpack One Card Office in the Talley Student Center weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m..

There are two ways to print from Unity computers in the Veterinary Medicine Library.

Send your print job to the virtual FollowMe printer (select WolfPrint-BlackandWhite for B&W or WolfPrint-Color for color ). At any FollowMe printer, swipe your ID (or enter your unity ID/Password) to login and retrieve your print job. At CVM, the B&W printer labeled “FollowMe" is located in VML in the current journal aisle.  The color "Follow Me" printer is in the A110 Copy/Print Room. FollowME Frequently Asked Questions

There is also FollowMe printer in TC1551, the 24-hour computer lab in the lower hallway between the Terry Center and the Health & Wellness Center.  Select WolfPrint-BlackandWhite for B&W.

NCSU users can print to WolfPrint printers from personally-owned computers/laptops using "Web Print". Please review the WolfPrint User Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions specifically about printing in the Veterinary Medicine Library, please visit or call the service desk (919-513-6218) or email libraryvetmed@ncsu.edu.

For guest/non-NCSU printing, ask us at the Service Desk.

Copying (a.k.a Scanning)

NCSU faculty/staff/students can use the value on their AllCampus card to copy using the Follow Me printer/copier in the Current Journals/VETS aisle which copies up to 8.5"x14".   In the A110 Copy/Print room, the color FollowMe printer can function as a color copier with a surface area up to about A4 (8.5"x12").

Phones and Conferencing

There is a house phone in the Copier Room A110 (919-513-6402) that you can use to return pages, calls to internal NCSU phone numbers starting with the third digit of the number, and local calls (dial 7-1-area code). If your call is urgent and to an outside number, please ask for assistance at the service desk.

You may use your cell phones in the Library as long as you are not disturbing others. Keep in mind that you may need to close doors or exit the library to maintain privacy for your discussion.

Skype for computer phone conferencing is available on the computers in A133, A104 and A109 and Libraries' laptops only.  You can borrow a heapdhones with a microphone or a room microphone at the service desk. 

A103 (wall jack, lower left) and A109 (wall jack, lower right) have an active audio phone landline jack for connecting a conference phone.  VML has a videoconferencing phone that can be requested at the Service Desk. 

There is a portable Polycom videoconferencing system in A103. 

Technology Lending

The Vet Med Library lends a variety of devices, including the following items currently at our service desk. Loan periods vary.  Please make sure you ask about the loan period.

  • PC laptops/tablets and Mac laptops (4 hrs)
  • Headphones with and without microphones (4 hrs)
  • Chargers for laptops and phones (4 hrs)
  • Room Yeti microphone for group computer conferencing
  • USB Drives
  • iPad 1, 2, and Mini
  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • Laser Pointers
  • Projection Remote
  • Flip or Bloggie Videorecorders (7-day loan)
  • Digital Cameras (7-day loan)
  • Tripods (7-day loan)
  • Selfie Stick (7-day loan)
  • GPS Unit (2-week loan)
  • iPods
  • Stylus
  • Scientific Calculators
  • Portable Projector (no internal speakers--if you need built-in speakers, request projector from main libraries)
  • Portable Speakers
  • Dongle connectors for attaching Mac laptop or iPad to projector through VGA or HDMI
  • VGA-to-HDMI Adapter
  • Display cables
  • Portable external hard drive
  • External CD/DVD drive
  • Stopwatch
  • Sound conditioning / white noise portable machine
  • Poster tubes for travel (currently have 30" and 36" -- will be ordering at 48" soon)
  • Other technology items such as Kindle book readers and videocameras can be requested from the D.H. Hill Library on main campus to be sent over to Vet Med for your use--see the list of items.
  • Tell us what else you need.