GroupFinder Focus Groups and Usability Study (2009) | User Studies


In spring and fall of 2009 the Libraries conducted several focus groups to gauge student interest in the concept of a Web application allowing students to post and locate informal group meetings in the library. These focus groups were also organized to solicit feedback about the application's features and design elements. Additionally, usability testing was conducted in October 2009 on a prototype of the group finding application. Results from these studies contributed to the development of the current GroupFinder application.

The first focus group, held in March, looked at students' receptivity to a Facebook application for group tracking. Four undergraduate student participants were selected for this study. Participants were asked whether they felt students would use this tool. Additionally, their feedback about this tool was recorded.

In April 2009, a second round of focus groups was conducted. Participants in this study were asked a series of questions, including with whom students typically group study, where in the library they group study, and for which studies would they be more likely to group study. Study participants were also asked to imagine their reactions in several hypothetical scenarios, including accessing group study information from off campus, and building their own group study resources.

The final round of focus groups, held in Fall 2009, explored, among other things, the value of the group finding application to students and what enhancements could add to this value. Additionally, usability testing conducted in the fall led to the creation of a series of recommendations for user interface enhancements for the application.

Team and Partners

  • Josh Boyer - moderator
  • Joseph Ryan - moderator

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