NCSU Libraries Web Site (NCSU Libraries Staff) (2008) | User Studies


MoreBetterLabs was engaged to examine how the library system could improve its Web presence. The purpose of this work was to frame and motivate a user-centered design process. The user-centered design process ultimately advances the library’s mission by creating a Web presence which supports the needs of key user groups.

Our approach was to facilitate group interviews with library staff from numerous departments and functional areas. Five two-hour group sessions, with a total of approximately thirty participants, were conducted. These sessions focused on understanding key initiatives underway across the library system, and identifying characteristics of a successful Web presence.

The group sessions were followed by individual interviews with selected participants to clarify key questions and issues. An analysis session with core library Web staff then synthesized a set of key issues, including Users (e.g., Pushing information to users, Privacy, User-generated content), Teaching and learning, Outreach, Design, Findability, Information architecture, Data and metrics, and Physical access. Finally, we reviewed and interpreted the findings from a user experience perspective, and applied our sense of priority to the key issues.

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