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Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN) is a collaborative organization of Duke University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University, and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



In 2007-2008, the libraries of the Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN) implemented Search TRLN: Powered by Endeca, Search TRLN provides a discovery and delivery environment for users of the TRLN collections.

In February of 2008, the TRLN Usability Task Group conducted 21 usability tests of the pre-release version of the Search TRLN user interface across each of the 4 institutions. Participants included 7 undergraduate students, 6 graduate students, 1 medical resident, 5 faculty members, 1 emeritus faculty member, and 1 (non-library) staff member.

The purpose of the tests was to evaluate the pre-release interface and identify 'blockers' that needed to be repaired before the production release of Search TRLN in March 2008. Therefore, the audience for this report was the TRLN Endeca Steering Committee and the TRLN Endeca implementation team.

Team and Partners

  • Angie Ballard, NCSU Libraries, Task Group member, test creation and administration
  • Debra Kurtz, Duke University Libraries, Task Group member, test creation and administration
  • Hafsa Murad, NCCU, Task Group member, test creation and administration
  • Lisa Norberg, UNC Libraries, Task Group Chair, test creation and administration
  • Rick Peterson, Duke Medical Center Libraries, Task Group member, test creation and administration
  • Derek Rodriguez, TRLN, Task Group member, liaison to implementation team
  • Pam Sessoms, UNC, test administration
  • Jacqueline Solis, UNC, test administration
  • Cynthia Varkey, Duke, test administration
  • Kim Vassiliadis, UNC, test administration


The relative success or failure of the participants on each of the tasks was consistent across participant type and institution. More detailed task results, including the facets found most and least useful, may be found in Part I of the Summary of Findings report. Likewise, usability issues uncovered during the tests are summarized in Part II of the Summary of Findings report.

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