Course Views Focus Group (Fall 2008) | User Studies


Objectives for the Course Views focus group were as follows:

  • Gain feedback on student impressions of Library Tools promotional materials and their initial ideas about what the application is
  • Solicit feedback on the relative importance/usefulness of each widget
  • Gather student ideas for current and future development

Team and Partners

  • Josh Boyer, moderator
  • Kim Duckett, observer and transcriber


Group One was very enthusiastic about Library Tools. Group Two was also enthusiastic (especially the senior and freshman), but the application is more limited for many of their courses. Students are interested in using the application as soon as possible, and suggested several ways by which Library Tools could be promoted:

  • place Library Tools in a more prominent place on the library's homepage
  • make the application a widget that can be used as a shortcut from the student's own computer
  • have it placed as a shortcut on computers in Tompkins Hall (CHASS)
  • place the application in the Quick Links on the NCSU website
  • encourage instructors to demonstrate its use to students (especially those in ENG 101)
  • work with instructors to include Library Tools as a link in their syllabi
  • include a promo in the central PR area of the NCSU homepage

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