Quick Search Usability Study, Round 1 (2005) | User Studies


Six participants (2 graduate, 1 undergrad, 1 lifelong learning student and 1 extension associate) participated in the initial usability test evaluation of the NCSU Libraries Quick Search tool between May 20-26, 2005 in the Usability Research Lab. Four of these testing sessions were digitally recorded and are available for further review.

Team and Partners

  • Josh Boyer
  • Tito Sierra

Technical Details

Recordings were made in the NCSU Libraries Usability Research Lab using Morae usability testing software.

Project Links

  • Script read to participants before the usability test (MS Word)


  • Report discussing the website's performance for each type of task and each individual task, with suggested changes (MS Word)


Note that all users in the recordings signed a release form that included the following language:

Recordings made during this study will be used for research and development. Therefore, I understand that my work during the test will be recorded and viewed by the staff of the NCSU Libraries. I further understand that the NCSU Libraries may wish to use segments of these recordings to illustrate presentations offered to professional audiences. I give my consent to the NCSU Libraries to use my recorded image and voice for these purposes, with the provision that my last name will not be associated with the recordings and that these recordings will not be released to any broadcast or publication media.

Last updated: June 6, 2009