Access to the Collections Focus Group, Faculty Participants (April 16, 2004) | User Studies


In Spring of 2004 a focus group was organized and conducted by the Access to the Collection library subgroup for the purpose of generating discussion and feedback from faculty members. Four faculty members, representing the Computer Science, Psychology, History, and Training & Development departments attended the focus group. Additional written submissions were supplied by two non-participating faculty members; one faculty member was from the Horticulture department, while the other member was from the Training & Development department.

Team and Partners

  • Steve McCann, moderator
  • Greg Raschke, observer and note-taker
  • James Jackson Sanborn, observer and note-taker


Focus group discussion led to the formation of 10 conclusions. Based on these conclusions, seven recommendations were developed by the members of the Access to the Collection subgroup.

Reports and Presentations

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