Electronic Resources and Services of the NCSU Libraries Focus Group Interviews (1997-98)


As a background for Web site redesign, the NCSU Libraries held six focus group interviews during the fall 1997 and spring 1998 semesters to survey 42 NC State faculty and students.

Our purpose was to find out how they use the digital collections and services of the Libraries, what they think about them, how they learned to use them, what kinds of obstacles they encountered, and what their concept of the ideal library is.

Team and Partners

  • Keith Morgan
  • Eric Lease Morgan
  • Doris Sigl
  • Jinnie Y. Davis


It was concluded from the study's findings that participants feel the NCSU Libraries is "headed in the right direction." Digital resources and services were found to be useful and staff helpful. Participants approved of our varied efforts to improve our offerings. Four broad areas encompassing most of the issues raised by the focus groups were identified: service, interface, teaching and learning, and publicity. Our survey team also identified several actions we would recommend for future studies, as well as ideas for Web site improvements.


Last updated: August 2009