Teach Yourself: Using Course Reserves for Students

Course Reserves Self-Service

The course reserves management system is Web-based, so it can be used anywhere a computer with Internet access is available.

Video Tutorials

The following short videos demonstrate the self-service features of the course reserves system.

Video Logging in (16 seconds)

Video Joining a class to view its course reserves (38 seconds)

Video Leaving a class (16 seconds)

Video Using the Hide Items feature (28 seconds)

Video Using the Library Tools link (36 seconds)

Note that the phrases "Join A Class" and "Leave A Class" do not imply that you have either officially registered for or withdrawn from a class. These phrases only indicate that you have the ability to see what is on reserve for a particular class.

For questions about course reserves, contact the staff at 515-3365 or library_reserves@ncsu.edu.