Teach Yourself: Using Reserves for Instructors

Course Reserves Self-Service

Faculty can manage nearly every aspect of course reserves online:

  • reactivate past course reading lists
  • upload new material
  • custom sort and annotate reserve items
  • integrate with Moodle

The course reserves management system is Web-based, so it can be used anywhere a computer with Internet access is available.

Video Tutorials

The following short videos demonstrate many of the self-service features of the Reserves system. Although the look of the Libraries' website has changed, the processes of using the Reserves system demonstrated in the videos are the same.

Adding Materials

Video Adding a freely available online article to a reserves list (1:16 min)

Video Using the Library Linker to create stable links to reserve items (2:13 min) -- Library Article Linker (with video guide)

Video Placing a request with Reserves staff (0:42 sec)

Video Searching the Reserves Database for reserve items (1:24 min)

Video Previewing a class (0:37 sec)

Organizing Your Reserves Materials

Video Adding a heading (1:19 min)

Video Deleting a heading (0:58 sec)

Video Sorting the main list of reserves (0:29 sec)

Video Re-sorting reserves within a heading (0:22 sec)

Reactivating Your Reserves and Managing Access to Your Reserves

Video Reactivating a class (0:45 sec) - you must reactivate your reserves each semester that you are using the reserves.

Video Managing enrollment (1:03 min)

Video Copying selections from one class to another (0:36 sec)

Working with a Proxy (Assistant)

It's possible for you to assign proxy privileges to another person, including a teaching / research assistant, instructional support staff member, or another instructor.

Video Adding a proxy (0:46 sec)

Video Deleting a proxy (0:34 sec)

Connecting to Reserves in Moodle -- The best way to integrate your reserves into Moodle is to add the "Library Reserves" block. In editing mode, just look for "Library Reserves" in the drop-down list of blocks. The Library Reserves block is course-sensitive -- it can tell which course you are in and automatically display a link to the course's reserves page.