This video will explain the cited reference search feature in Google Scholar. This feature allows you to start with one article that you think is relevant for your research, and see who else has cited it. It's a great way to find other publications that might be relevant to your research.

Let's consider an example. Suppose we search for information about the rhetoric of Presidential speeches, and this article, called "Presidential Rhetoric and the Public Agenda," seems relevant. When you do a search in Google Scholar, you may seem some results with a link that says "cited by" and a number. That link will show up directly under an item's title. If you click that link you can see the list of publications that cite your result.

You can also search within the publications that cite your article. Choose the checkbox under the search bar that says "search within articles" and then search as normal. Going back to our example, we can narrow down our results to show only publications that cite "Presidential Rhetoric and the Public Agenda" and that mention President Obama.