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Periodical Indexes

Many government agencies publish periodicals.  These titles include the scholarly Journal of the National Cancer Institute; statistical publications, such as Economic Indicators and the CPI Detailed Report; military journals like Soldiers.  Two other examples are the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents and Park Science from the National Park Service.  Government periodical titles are frequently one of the best sources of information about current events.  Outside newspapers, for example, the military periodicals were the first sources to have reports about the Iraqi War.

There have been two publications that index the contents of federal government periodicals.

Index to U.S. Government Periodicals: a computer-generated guide to 170 selected titles by author and subject (1970 - 1987)

The Index to U.S. Government Periodicals has a single index of authors, titles, and subjects.  Its article citations include periodical title abbreviations along with the customary volume, number, pages, and date.  The preface includes a list of the full titles that are included in the index volume.  This set of indexes is in the Reference stacks at Z 1223.Z7 I55.  During east wing renovation, this title will be found in the sixth floor bookstacks with the majority of the reference volumes.  The index's publisher, Infordata, fell on hard times, and the title ceased with the 1987 volume.

U.S. Government Periodicals Index (1992 to present, with retrospective coverage for 1988-1991)

But again CIS came to the rescue with the U.S. Government Periodicals Index.  It "covers approximately 180 federal publications that have research, reference, or general interest value."  Although the CIS title began in 1992, the company indexed the same titles for the span of years 1988-1991 to close the gap left by the Infordata title.

The U.S. Government Periodicals Index is another electronic resource provided to NCSU patrons via the LexisNexis Government Periodicals Index.

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