Citation Tools

Citation Builder

Fill-in-the-blank tool for creating single citations in MLA or APA that can be copied and pasted into your document.

Citation Style Guides

See the print manuals at the Ask Us center, or

Oakland Guide

Purdue OWL Guide     UNC Guide     Bedford / St. Martin's Guide

Chicago Manual of Style
Chicago Manual of Style Guide     Bedford / St. Martin's Guide

Bedford / St. Martin's Guide     UNC Guide

Purdue OWL Guide     UNC Guide     Bedford / St. Martin's Guide

National Archives of the United States
NARA Guide

Reference Management Software


  • Free to NC State users and alumni. 
  • Accessible from anywhere via the web.
  • NCSU Libraries' offers RefWorks workshops. 
  • Good for managing records for articles and books. 
  • Allows users to share citations. 
  • Users may download optional add-ons: Write 'n Cite (an MSWord plug-in) for automatically creating footnotes and reference lists; RefGrab-It for capturing web pages.


  • Free, open source, easy to learn.
  • Available as Firefox browser or standalone.
  • Good for capturing citation information from web documents.
  • Can store PDFs.
  • Allows user to highlight text and take notes.
  • Allows users to tag records.
  • Offers MSWord Plugin.


  • Free, must be installed on computer.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Good for managing PDFs - can extract citation information from PDFs.
  • Users can see what others are reading and citing.


  • Costs money.
  • Relatively complex to learn.
  • Includes sophisticated tools for organizing and citing references, and creating bibliographies. 
  • Highly customizable.
  • Can handle large numbers of references.