Technology Sandbox

the Perceptive Pixel in useThe Perceptive Pixel

The Technology Sandbox is a space in the D.H. Hill Library designed to showcase new technologies and give the NC State community easy access to the large-scale display and gesture-based computing tools that are revolutionizing the visual display of data and the creation of digital media.

The informal area encourages peer-to-peer learning, experimentation, and collaboration with some of the key innovations that are now shaping our economy. In addition, this technology incubator provides a laboratory for faculty and staff to prototype and experiment with new types of learning spaces, especially those that blend the virtual with the physical.

The innovative equipment in the Technology Sandbox will give you a good foretaste of what you will find in the new James B. Hunt Jr. Library, where technology immersion will be the norm throughout the building.

Perceptive Pixel

Ideal for presentations and creative, multi-user activities such as storyboarding and brainstorming, this 88" multi-touch display transforms the way you interact with the information. It enables you to communicate, comprehend, and interpret rich and complex data in an entirely new, hands-on way. This is the same technology that commentators on CNN use during broadcasts; the Perceptive Pixel allows for data presentation on a scale that very few have access to.

Quad Screen

The Quad Screen is a matrix of four large LCD monitors. You can use all four screens with distinct device inputs, or you can choose to display one single image to all four screens acting as one. You also have the flexibility to plug in a laptop or use the Quad Screen's dedicated PC. To use the PC, just ask at the main service desk on the first floor to borrow the wireless keyboard and mouse.


SurfaceMicrosoft Surface

The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard designed for collaborative learning using touch-sensitive technology that allows you to write using "digital ink" with a finger or special pens (available at the Ask Us center).    

Microsoft Surfaces

The Microsoft Surfaces are tabletop devices with integrated touch sensitive computers that allow you to manipulate digital content by the use of multi-touch interactions. Interact with the machine by touching or dragging your fingertips across the screen.  The Surfaces are loaded with popular board and arcade games as well as learning tools created by NCSU Libraries.  

Gesture-Based Gaming

The Technology Sandbox is equipped with the latest gaming consoles that utilize gesture and motion.  The XBox 360 with Kinect allows for a controller-free gaming experience using only body movement and speech.   The Playstation 3 with the Eye camera senses motion and position when used with Playstation Move controllers.  Games and controllers are available for checkout from the Ask Us center.

Other Features

The physical space itself is designed to encourage creative, ad hoc collaboration.  To achieve this, a wide variety of furniture can easily be moved around and configured for different types of group work.  Additionally, there are moveable whiteboards, glass tabletops and glass walls in the Technology Sandbox that can all be drawn on with dry-erase markers to facilitate brainstorming and other activities.  Finally, there are many convenient electrical outlets that make keeping your own devices charged anywhere in the space easy.

students at playing a game on a Microsoft Surfacestudents working in a group at the Quad Screen

Learn More

The Technology Sandbox is open during D. H. Hill Library's regular hours. To learn more or to schedule a demonstration, contact us at